Couple found after being stuck in west desert, signaling railroad workers for help

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BOX ELDER COUNTY, Utah -  A couple who was reported missing is now home safe and sound, thanks to search and rescue crews in Box Elder County, and the Union Pacific Railroad.

Matthew and Abigail Adams were reported missing Saturday morning after the couple left Logan for an overnight stay in West Wendover. Box Elder County Chief Dale Ward said Abigail’s mom was trying to call her when it kept going to her voicemail. Ward confirmed the couple never arrived where they made reservations.

“We were prepared to probably ask for air support to look for the vehicle, but there was no need for that after we found out where they were,” Ward said.

A call from the Union Pacific railroad solidified that the couple was safe.

The Adams’ realized that they were stuck on the road, and were unable to call for help.

In an attempt to get assistance, Abigail made a sign out of lipstick reading “help," and Matt took it down to the railroad where he waited for workers to find him.

“The right thing that they did was they came up with a way to signal somebody,” Ward said.

Search and Rescue crews met up with the couple where railroad worker’s had found them. Ward said they were worried that Abigail would go into diabetic shock because she has Type One Diabetes.

Even though the couple spent the night stuck in the West Desert with their car, Ward said the couple was in good conditions when they met up. “It was very good to see them in good shape; everything fine and for a good outcome for these.”

The outcome was so good, Ward said, because the couple told people where they were going, when they planned to arrive and when they anticipated being home again.

“Cell-phones don’t always work in the West Desert,” Ward said. “Stay with your vehicle. When we find the vehicle, we find you.”

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