Video shows funnel cloud near Snowville amid severe thunderstorm warning

SNOWVILLE, Utah -- Video shot near Snowville showed a funnel cloud Thursday as a severe thunderstorm warning is in effect for the area.

Video shot by Bell Helms Thursday near I-84 and Highway 30 shows a funnel cloud. Photos submitted by Lacie Barfuss also showed the weather phenomenon.

A funnel cloud near Snowville, Utah. Image courtesy Lacie Barfuss.

A funnel cloud is made up of rotating winds and can form amid thunderstorms. A funnel cloud becomes a tornado when it touches the ground, which this cloud did not appear to do.

The funnel cloud appeared as a severe thunderstorm warning is in effect for Oneida County, Idaho—which is a short distance across the border from Snowville. That warning was expected to expire Thursday evening.

As long as a funnel cloud does not touch down, there is generally no danger beyond that posed by the thunderstorms.