Charge filed against man accused of breaking boy’s elbow at Woods Cross church

WOODS CROSS, Utah — The Davis County Attorney’s Office filed a charge Tuesday against a man accused of seriously injuring a 13-year-old boy during a game of broom hockey at a Woods Cross church.

According to an indictment, 37-year-old Ryan Steed Stettler faces a third-degree felony charge of child abuse in connection with the March 6 incident.

The boy Stettler is accused of hurting told police that he ran into another boy who was playing the game, then Stettler “lowered his shoulder and ran toward the boy knocking him down. The boy disclosed that the defendant said something like, ‘you can dish it out, but you can’t take it’,” the indictment said.

The boy went to a hospital for treatment, where he was diagnosed with a concussion and fractured elbow, which required surgery to repair, according to the indictment.