Woods Cross reassures residents city will pay for damage after flooding incident

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WOODS CROSS – A nightmare may finally be over for dozens of Woods Cross residents.

“I think relief is probably the best way to word it,” said Jordan Rasmussen, whose home was flooded back in February.

It all started with a water main break back in February. Water overflowed into the city’s sewage system and shot up through pipes in the basements of more than two dozen homes. Sewage and dirty water flooded homes, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

At first, the city told residents their insurance would cover the damage and cleanup, only to hear directly from the insurance company last week that their claims had been denied.

“A lot of promises weren’t kept,” said Adam Anderson, who came into Thursday night’s City Council meeting with apprehension, despite the City’s Mayor promising that residents would in fact be taken care of in the end.

“How do you not feel a little skeptical? When they come in on a Friday and tell you we got you, and Tuesday say you’re on your own?”

However, those doubts seemed to finally fade away for good Thursday night. The City’s Administrator, Gary Uresk, confirmed that residents would fully be reimbursed and quickly.

“We will work as fast as we can,” Uresk said. “I would suspect in the next month, we’ll have the majority of these taken care of.”

Uresk said home owners simply need to file a home owner’s insurance claim with their own companies first.

“It doesn’t mean they have to receive anything, they can be denied,” Uresk said of the claim. “We just need evidence that they’ve done that."

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