Grand Canyon NP testing wells to replenish drinking water

The National Park Service will begin installing one test well and two monitoring wells next to Bright Angel Creek near Phantom Ranch in Grand Canyon National Park to help determine if this is a feasible water source, photo undated | National Park Service photo by Michael Quinn, Flickr Grand Canyon_NPS, St. George News

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Ariz. — The National Park Service is installing a test well and two monitoring wells to determine if underground water sources could be a feasible replacement for Grand Canyon National Park’s Transcanyon Pipeline, which supplies drinking water to the park, St. George News reports.

“Replacement of the pipeline is in the preliminary design phase. National Environmental Policy Act compliance is underway to identify the preferred alternative and evaluate the environmental consequences of the range of alternatives,” the report said.

The wells could replace water supplied by Roaring Springs via the pipeline to some parts of the park, the report said. If the well system works as proposed, it could provide drinking water to Phantom Ranch, Indian Garden, and the South Rim.

The North Rim, Manzanita Rest Area and Cottonwood Campground would continue to receive water from Roaring Springs.

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