Woods Cross residents upset with city over clean-up costs for sewage flooding

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WOODS CROSS - Thousands of dollars in damage and repair have hung over the heads of dozens of Woods Cross residents for the past month, but NoraLee Green says the city told her they would pay for it, so she didn’t sweat it.

“I’m like, OK, they are going to help us so we can live right; that’s not the case,” she pointed out.

“We have between thirty and forty thousand dollars worth of damage in our basement,” said Samantha Scrowther, NoraLee’s neighbor.

The problem started in February when residents say a water main broke, causing water to back up into the sewage line. They say it forced water up the pipes in the bathtubs and toilets, causing thousands of dollars in damage inside their homes.

“I wish it was just water,” Green said. “We were told it was a category three, which is sewage that came up.”

FOX 13 initially contacted city administrators the day of the damage, who told the station in an on-camera interview, “We’re working with the insurance company, and with the cleanup company to get the homes taken care of.”

But Green said she got a call recently from the city’s insurance provider stating differently.

“[They said] you probably talked to all your other neighbors, but I wanted you to hear it from my mouth that we’re denying the claim,” Green said the insurance representative told her over the phone.

FOX 13 reached out to the City Wednesday, who tells us their legal advisers told them to withhold further comment on the matter for the time being.

Residents say they are left considering legal action of their own.

“Of course,” Scrowther said. “We have to cover it somehow. It’s obviously not our fault, it’s the city’s fault.”

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