Passengers restrain woman claiming to be God who tried to open door mid-flight

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BOISE, Idaho - A mid-air scare was caught on camera as an unruly passenger claimed she was God moments after trying to open the door of a plane.

It happened Monday on a flight from San Francisco to Boise, Idaho.

Passengers restrain woman claiming to be God who tried to open door mid-flight

"Right after we pushed back from the gate, I look up and the seat is just shaking," witness Scott Smith told KBOI. "I could hear, I don't know if they were arguing or what, and honestly I was surprised we didn't stop at that point."

Video posted online shows a passenger tying the woman's feet as another man holds her down.

"She kept repeating certain phrases, distinctly, she said, 'God has all the data, God has all the data,' like two or three times," Smith told KBOI. "Then at least twice I heard her say, 'I don't have any data, I don't have any data.' Just unusual things. She made some comment like we landed in Boise 15 minutes ago and at that time we were still in the air."

He said the captain came over the intercom after that.

"He said, 'Thank you for remaining calm. The seatbelt sign is lit. Please remain in your seats until we land. And thank you for not letting a passenger reach the front door and we ask that you don't let that happen, whatever it takes.," Scott told KBOI.

The plane landed safely in Boise where police were waiting at the gate.

Authorities will decide if charges will be filed after the woman undergoes a mental evaluation.

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