Utah County man arrested for breaking into cars, urinating inside them

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Alan Roman

PROVO, Utah – A Utah County man is facing charges after allegedly breaking into cars and urinating Sunday.

A Provo Police officer found 19-year-old Alan Roman near 111 S. 1000 E. where he told the officer he was searching for his keys inside two cars, which were not his.

The officer said Roman smelled of alcohol and admitted he had been at a party in Orem where he had been drinking and smoking marijuana.

Provo Police said Roman had urinated inside the victim’s car and also took about $1,000 and the victim’s medication from the car.

Police found Roman with the cash and the victim’s social security card.

Roman told officers he had gone to the bank to get cash and yet had no idea where the money came from.

The officer said a prescription pill bottle was found in Roman’s pocket; he told officers the pills were “candy.”

He also told police he lit a dollar bill on fire to “stay warm.”

Roman is facing a number of charges including public urination, drug possession, drug use, intoxication, theft, criminal mischief and car burglary.

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