Funding Your Future: Inexpensive ways to show your love

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Showing your loved one you care about them doesn't necessarily mean buying them something fancy. Whether it be a gift or a kind gesture, there are many different ways to express your feelings without emptying your savings account.

Rachel Langlois from Cyprus Credit Union claims that Americans plan to spend $143 per person on their loved one, equalling a total spending of 19.6 billion dollars. Not to mention the two billion spent on flowers alone.

It’s about showing you care, and that doesn't have to cost you a lot.

Last minute things you can do at home that will show you care and save you some money. Check them out!

  • Homemade Love Potion: Create your own secret love potion. Whether it be a lotion, an oil, or something else, it's a fun and creative way to share your love.  Click here for free labels!
  • Scratch Off Coupons: Make scratch-off coupons redeemable for anything you think they may
  • Spa Night In: Make sugar scrub and then create an opportunity to use it at a comfortable spa night in at home.
  • Just the Marshmallows: Give them a jar of something they can’t get at the store, like a jar of Lucky Charm marshmallows or brownie batter to eat straight from the bowl.
  • Deck of Cards: Put a sticker with something you love about them on each card, which means 52 reasons why you love that person, or things you love about them.
  • Date Night in a Box: Combine everything you’d need for a night out into a box and have that be your guide for a night out.
  • Savings Account for Something They Want: Open up a sub-savings account to help get their dream started.

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