How to fight static and dry hair during Utah winters

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Hair stylist Jennifer Johnson from Pro Do Blow Dry Bar tells us how to solve winter hair problems.

How to add moisture to your hair:
Don`t wash it as often
Add oil or cream to ends every morning
Do a Deep conditioner every few washes

How to do a deep conditioner at home:
(our fav is Angel masque from Kevin Murphy)
• Start with 2 washes- 1st deep cleansing (HOT water- to open the cuticle)
• Ring out as much water as you can
• Apply a good deep conditioner...mid shaft and ends only, and clip up.
• Leave on for 10-15 mins.
• Rinse (COOL water- to close the cuticle)
• Follow up with your regular conditioner....rinse and enjoy!

How to reduce static in your hair:
Dryer sheets or static spray
Better Blow Dryer
Switch from rubber to leather soled shoes

You can get more information about Pro Do here.

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