3 Questions with Bob Evans: Rep. Mia Love on immigration, efforts to free Josh Holt and more

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Utah Congresswoman Mia Love is right in the middle of the immigration debate.

As the daughter of Haitian immigrants, and the only member of Congress of Haitian descent, the firestorm around what President Trump recently did or didn't say found her responding on national TV.

But that's not all that's keeping her busy lately, and this week she sat down with Bob Evans for 3 Questions:

  1. You recently had the opportunity to meet with President Trump in the White House after he allegedly made some derogatory comments regarding certain African nations and Haiti. Did you bring it up in that meeting, and, if so, what did you say to him?
  2. You and Senator Hatch have been working to free Josh Holt, the Riverton man who has been held for more than a year now in Venezuela on what are alleged to be false charges. What’s happening on the federal level to bring him home, and why has it been so difficult to free him?
  3. Jason Chaffetz quit Congress last year, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family. You’re well into your second term. You still have children at home. How is it working out for your family?

See the video embedded below for the extended interview with Rep. Mia Love:

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