Funding your Future: How to deal with financial anxiety

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How to Deal with Financial Anxiety

1. Focus on positive:
a. What are you doing right?
b. There is always a chance to improve

2. Determine What You Can Change:
a. Retool your budget
i. Review
ii. Reduce
iii. Pay Off
b. Emergency Fund
i. Work your way up to 6 months living expenses

3. Banish financial shame
a. Talk to Partner
b. Get professional help

4. Educate Yourself
a. Read
b. Take community courses
c. Financial advisor/counselor
i. Bring list of goals & questions

5. Stop Comparing
a. Especially online, it`s only a highlight reel
i. You don`t know full story
b. Create your own personal measuring stick, not that of others

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