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Orem Police officer starts fundraiser to help veteran’s family with funeral costs

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Gregory. Image courtesy GoFundMe.

OREM, Utah — A police officer in Orem created a GoFundMe page this week to help the family of a veteran pay for his funeral.

According to the GoFundMe page, Officer Jeremy Jamison works with folks in the community who are experiencing mental health crises.

Jamison said in the course of that work he befriended a young man who suffers from mulitple mental health issues and medical problems, including seizures. Jamison said the young man used to have a very negative perception of police.

“I am happy to say, that I have genuinely created a ‘relationship’ with him and am happy to call him a friend,” Jamison wrote. “I believe that his negative interaction and perspective of law enforcement he had, has forever been changed.”

Officer Jamison said he recently learned the man’s father passed away, and both the young man and his mother are concerned about putting together $5,000 for a casket.

“When I talked to his wife, I found out that Gregory served in Germany in the Vietnam War,” Jamison wrote. “He was a veteran, a father, husband, grandpa, uncle, brother and friend to countless others. The family feels blessed that the VA is assisting with some of the funeral arrangements, but it is not enough to have it covered. I was told that they have until this Friday, January 19th, to come up with $5,000. They have been able to get nearly $500 from friends and family, and really do not see any way of acquiring the rest.”

You can read the full write-up from Jamison or make a donation by clicking here.

Orem Police shared the GoFundMe page on their official Facebook page.

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