Missing Eureka couple’s located car adds to mystery behind what happened

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JUAB COUNTY, Utah – The families of two missing teens from Tooele County are left with more questions after authorities in Juab County located the teens’ Jeep.

“It was good news, but it was bad news because we don’t have the kids,” said Amanda Hunt, the aunt of Breezy Otteson.  “We thought the Jeep was going to be the answer to our prayers,” she added.

Instead, the discovery adds to the mystery.

Breezy Otteson and Riley Powell were last seen on December 30, 2017.  Thursday, their Jeep was found in a remote location near the Cherry Creek Reservoir in Juab County.

“It’s a mystery.  This Jeep was in the trees and two flat tires and the windows down and nothing,” Hunt said.  “We don’t know anything.”

Hunt and other family members don’t know why the couple would have been in such a remote location, far from a major road.

“It’s not an area that they would frequent,”  Hunt said.  “It’s not an area they would have gone to.  It’s not an area that Riley was known to go to,” she explained.

A search in the immediate area where authorities found the Jeep turned up few clues.  Saturday, the search is expected to broaden.

“The next step is, they’re going to continue search and rescue,”  Hunt said.  “Intensify it as far as getting horseback, things like that through the mountains.”

Amanda and other family members now continue their excruciating wait.  Despite not hearing from Riley and Breezy for more than two weeks, they aren’t giving up hope the teens will be found alive.

“We’re hopeful.  We are hopeful,” Hunt said.  “In my heart, you got to keep the light going.”

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