After Salt Lake’s loss, another comic con changes its name — but also goes to court

SALT LAKE CITY — In the aftermath of Salt Lake Comic Con’s legal defeat to San Diego Comic-Con, another pop culture event has dropped its name.

Phoenix Comic Con announced it would rebrand itself “Phoenix Comic Fest.” The announcement was made in a tweet posted earlier this week.

At the same time, Square Egg Productions, which produces the newly minted “Phoenix Comic Fest,” filed papers in an Arizona federal court to ask for a ruling declaring they are not violating San Diego Comic-Con’s trademark.

San Diego Comic-Con International sued Salt Lake Comic Con, arguing it infringed on its trademark on the words “comic con.” A jury sided with San Diego, and ordered Salt Lake organizers to pay $20,000 in damages.

Salt Lake Comic Con is contemplating an appeal.

FOX 13 reported in December that as a result of the litigation, Salt Lake Comic Con was looking at re-branding itself as “Fan X.” Other events have dropped the term, while others (like New York Comic Con) have said they will stick with it.