What can and can’t be recycled this Christmas

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During the holiday months, Salt Lake City sees a 30% increase in waste, and this year the city would like to see that number reduced. Sophia Nicholas is communications manager for the Sustainability Department, she put together a list of ways this Christmas you can reduce your trash and help the environment.

First off remember to recycle your cardboard boxes.  Sophia said the best way is to break them down and put them in your blue recycle bins. The city would like people to empty out the boxes of any non-cardboard material and place any other recyclable items separately in the bin.   She would also like people to know that plastic bags and film should not be put in your recycle bin but taken to your local grocery store. A directory of locations can be found at plasticfilmrecycling.org.

Also, the city is encouraging people to get live potted trees for their homes. That way you can plant the evergreen in the spring, there are even many cemeteries and other groups that will plant the trees for you. Another option is a fake tree, they are great because they can be used year after year. If you are disposing of an old tree that is prelighted, remember to recycle it as e-waste.  Your old Christmas lights and other electronics should also be taken to the city landfill and not put in your trash bin.

Much of your gift wrapping paper can be recycled. Just steer clear of metallic and wax paper.  Sophia also encourages people to use old maps, calendars, magazines or brown bags as wrapping paper to save on waste.

If you would like to read the full blog by SLC Green click here.  For more information about recycling, you can click here.




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