Tips for renovating your bathroom on a budget

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Making your house a home is one of the most fun parts of having a house, but sometimes it can be pretty pricey, especially when it comes to renovations.

Ashley Wilson is here to show everyone that home renovations don't have to break your bank. Here is Home with Ashley's four tips for renovating your bathroom on a budget:

  1. Choose inexpensive materials: Subway tile is SO affordable- putting it on every wall in the bathroom cost around $400. The wallpaper I used was $350 to use on the top half of the walls. So, by using it on half the wall and using a cheaper material on the other half, I saved money.
  2. Do your own labor: Bless my husband's heart- he laid all of the tiles. It may have taken awhile, but it saved us a ton of money on labor. This was his second tile project and with the help of Youtube, anyone can learn how to tile!
  3. Use everyday items as accessories: I spray painted a q-tip holder to coordinate with the room or I placed the tissues in a pretty box. A candle, matches, and bubble bath were all used as pretty details. By using functional items as accessories, I kept the decor budget down.
  4. Find ways you can make items yourself: For the tray over the bathtub, I cut a piece of wood (if you don't have a saw, your local hardware store will do this) into three pieces. I screwed the smaller pieces on the back and stained the whole thing! It was so simple to make and I love having it! I am convinced that every bath lover needs one!



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