Vintage style full-skirt dresses for mothers and daughters

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The hunt for classic full-skirt dresses for women is over.

Camille Price was sick of there not being able to find anything for women (but tons for young girls) when it came to classic dresses. While polka dancing with her grandmother, she got inspired by the beautiful full dresses that the women were wearing around her and decided to create a clothing company.

She decided to open her company, Lorraine and Company, which focuses on making classic full-skirt dresses that combine the classic vintage femininity with modern practicality. Her dresses not only have flattering silhouettes, they also don't have the frustrating buttons and zippers that most vintage dresses require.

Lorraine and Company is manufactured here in Utah. It's highly important that Camille knows the faces of everyone working on the dresses and feels that people should know the cost of what we wear as opposed to the high human resource cost of fast fashion.

Not only are these dresses cute and practical, they also help a greater cause. Each dress sale donates $5 to Carry the Future-a charity that focuses on empowering women and who provide baby carriers and supplies to refugee women around the world.

Visit to shop the collection and for more information.

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