3 Questions with Bob Evans: RSL Owner Dell Loy Hansen on bringing a women’s soccer team to Utah

SALT LAKE CITY -- In April 2018, Utah's first professional women's soccer team will make what is sure to be an exciting and groundbreaking debut.

It took Real Salt Lake Owner Dell Loy Hansen all of 15 days to land the franchise, which has already become an integral part of his professional soccer dynasty.

Hansen has big plans for developing soccer into the premiere sport little Utah boys and girls want to grow up to watch and play, and those plans are becoming reality.

Hansen recently sat down with Bob Evans for 3 Questions:

  1. In your news conference you talked about the market research you did on bringing a women’s team to Salt Lake City, which was your gut feeling. What was it that told you that this would work?
  2. Depending on which figures you look at, MLS is operating in the red and continues to do so, and yet, it is expanding. Where does RSL sit, and are you able to make a profit with RSL?
  3. You have a goal of giving 30 percent of your income away to charities: What role does charitable giving play in a successful business?

See the video below for the complete interview with Dell Loy Hansen: