Mormon BMX biker cites ‘religious reasons’ for leaving Monster Energy

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Source: @coltonsatt on Instagram

SALT LAKE CITY — Professional BMX biker Colton Satterfield has parted ways with one of his sponsors, Monster Energy, citing “personal religious reasons.”

“Some of [Monster Energy’s] marketing and logos that are meant to be edgy simply are edgy in areas that I personally could no longer support,” Satterfield said in a statement released to Vital BMX. “The decision was not a light one by any means. I regret something seemingly so small, to some, as logos and various marketing, has to divide us; but I know it is the correct decision for me.”

Satterfield, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said an energy drink sponsorship “is a big achieving step in action sports” and the company has supported him in ways beyond financial support.

“I wish all the great people there the absolute very best and I thank them for their kind understanding,” Satterfield said in his statement.

According to his profile on, Satterfield has participated in seven X Games events, and has won two gold medals and and one bronze medal since 2011.