Cache Co. suspect’s arrest ‘possibly prevented a real tragedy’

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CACHE COUNTY, Utah — A Cache County SWAT team arrested a Young Ward man Wednesday, and a statement from the Cache County Sheriff’s Office said the suspect’s arrest “possibly prevented a real tragedy from occurring.”

Michael Durand, 39, recently committed several acts of domestic violence, was in possession of firearms as a restricted person and is affiliated with a local outlaw motorcycle gang, the statement said.

Earlier this month, detectives conducted surveillance on Durand, finding that he visited the workplace of a female victim, the statement said. Durand also left a death threat on another person’s car, according to the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies conducted a search warrant on Durand’s home, where they said they found multiple firearms and a large amount of ammunition.

Durand faces nine counts of possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, protective order violation, stalking, assault, threat of violence, domestic violence in the presence of a child, electronic communication harassment and propelling a bodily substance. The possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person charges are third-degree felonies.

Cache County Sheriff Chad Jensen commended his deputies for intervening before Durand could carry out any threats.

“This shows that the deputies are deeply concerned about and committed to the communities that they serve,” Jensen said.

Durand is being held at the Cache County Jail without bail. His mug shot was not immediately made available.