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Tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween

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getting chance ready for Halloween trying on his new costume all he can think about is Holy costume Batman!

SALT LAKE CITY – Halloween can be a fun time for the whole family, and can be a great time to dress up your furry friends. However, costumes and candy can be a danger to many four legged companions.

Salt Lake County Animal Services highlighted potential dangers and precautions pet owners can take this Halloween. Here are some of their tips:

  • Keep candy out of reach: Humans may like chocolate and other sweet treats, but pets do not. All forms of chocolate and artificial sweetener can be poisonous to dogs and cats. If your pet has eaten candy, call your emergency vet.
  • Keep pets away from the front doorAnimals may be likely to dart out of the front door, and may become anxious and confused when trick-or-treaters knock and yell for candy. Put a dog in a crate, or closed in a back room while trick-or-treaters are stopping by.
  • Keep outdoor pets inside: Keep dogs and cats indoors to keep them from being injured, stolen, or poisoned as part of a prank.
  • Don’t approach dogs in costume: Even if you know the dog, a strange mask or costume may confuse and frighten them.
  • Test out pet costumes beforehand: Make sure the pet is not being distressed by the costume, and that it is not giving them an allergic reaction. The costume should not restrict their mobility, their ability to breath, bark or meow.
  • Leave pets at home: Keep your pet at home while trick-or-treating. Take them out for a walk earlier in the day, so they are not scared by trick-or-treaters.