Dead roaches in light fixtures among health violations that closed Thai restaurant in SLC

SALT LAKE CITY — The Salt Lake County Health Department closed Sala Thai Kitchen Wednesday due to 25 health violations, which included dead cockroaches in light fixtures.

According to a notice posted by the health department, the violations also included issues with food being stored at improper temperatures, problems with hand washing and an expired food safety manager certification.

The restaurant is located at 679 South and 200 West.

The notice states salads were being prepared with bare hands, and the health department observed dirty floors, walls and cooking surfaces. Food was also being thawed in a handwashing sink, and single use items were being re-used.

Raw beef was stored in contact with limes, and noodles were stored on raw shell eggs.

“The person in charge is unable to demonstrate adequate knowledge of proper hot and cold holding temperatures for potentially hazardous foods,” one violation reads.

The restaurant could re-open if it addresses the issues and passes another health inspection.

The full list of violations as provided by the health department can be viewed below:

Sala Thai Kitchen Closure by kstumarkgreen on Scribd