The top 5 Halloween movies to watch with your family

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Here is our list of the best Halloween movies to watch with your family this year.

#5 Goosebumps

This is a 2015 horror comedy based on the 90's children's fiction series by the same name.  This film is rated PG.

#4 The Nightmare Before Christmas

This 1993 film directed by Tim Burton has become a cult classic for many. It is rated PG.

#3 Halloweentown

This 1998 Disney Channel original movie has become a favorite among 20 somethings who grew up watching the network. It has a TV rating of G.

#2 Edward Scissorhands

This is the second Tim Burton movie to grace this list. Starring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder this 1990s film features Depp as an artificially crated human with scissors as hands. It has a been rated PG-13.


#1 Hocus Pocus

This Classic Walty Disney Pictures film has shown staying power over the decades. Premiering in 1993 this family comedy features Bett Midler, Sara Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy as three witches who have come back to life after being trapped for 300 years. It is rated PG.



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