‘Shop with a Sheriff Program’ allows officers to grow facial hair

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SALT LAKE CITY – The Office of the Salt Lake County Sheriff is getting a little more scruffy, and helping families who are in need along the way.

The Shop with a Sheriff Program allows male Sheriff’s Office staff to grow facial hair, and female staff to add a highlight to theirs, or paint their fingernails bright colors or patterns.  The only catch is that the staff must donate to the fundraiser to be able to make appearance changes.

Funds raised by the office will be used to take children Christmas shopping during the holidays.

According to Brian Lohrke from the Unified Police Department, “The beard program allows us a little friendly competition within the office, it helps with morale, a little camaraderie building, team building and making fun of each other once in a while.”

The Unified Police Department has a policy that allows no more facial hair than a mustache to be grown by officers, and only plain colored nail polish to be worn.

For the time being, Sheriff’s Office staff are enjoying the break, and looking foreword to helping families in need.

“We’ll provide breakfast, take the kids shopping, allow them to play with our vehicles, and just have a fun morning with these kids,” Lohrke said.

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