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Vandalism spree keeps West Jordan neighborhood on edge

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WEST JORDAN, Utah - For the last two weekends, residents of a West Jordan neighborhood have been on edge following vandalism on cars and homes.

West Jordan police said they have received at least 40 police reports of damaged property to home and vehicle windows.

One woman reported that a window in her house had a rock thrown into it, and that the rock landed on her six-year-old daughter's bed while she was asleep. The mother said her daughter woke up frightened, and somehow missed stepping on the shattered glass that littered her bedroom floor.

Other residents reported finding broken golf clubs, and mason jars in their yards.

"I woke up in the morning and the windshield had been smashed in looks like with a bat," said West Jordan resident Kathy McCall.

McCall has only lived in the area for a year and is shocked this would happen here.

"The neighbor right there- their car too; there were like three cars on that side of the street but they weren't hit," McCall said.

McCall and a friend were using a vacuum to suck all the shattered glass out of her car.

"It's going to cost me $800 out of pocket to fix my windshield plus the time I took off work today to deal with this- it's awful and expensive," McCall said.

Police believe they know who did it. However, they are still receiving evidence if any residents have security camera footage of the vandals.