Park City Council passes first net-zero energy resolution in North America

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This morning on the Park City side of Gaurdsman's Pass. There is still some color to be found!

PARK CITY, Utah – The City Council of Park City has officially adopted a green policy for all new municipal buildings built from now on.

On Monday the city council unanimously passed Resolution 28-2017, which will require that all new buildings meet a net-zero energy standard.  Net-zero is a design for building in which a structure has zero net energy consumption, meaning it creates at least as much energy on sight as it uses.

The resolution is the first of its kind to be passed in North America.

“It is with great pride that our Council passed this resolution to require our new and renovated buildings and facilities to have minimal environmental impacts,” said Park City Mayor, Jack Thomas.

The resolution will outline ways for building designers to prove that the buildings will be truly net-zero. Park city officials believe this resolution will help them reach the goal of using 100 percent renewable electricity for all city operations in 2022.

“We want Park City to showcase that we can, and must, take meaningful action to address the climate crisis. Our future depends on it,” Thomas said.