National Physical Therapy Month — The Importance of Physical Therapy in Injury Recovery and General Health

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If you’re an athlete, or even a weekend warrior, an injury can be devastating. If you don’t receive the proper treatment and therapies, that injury could turn into a lifelong problem. When it comes to safe and quicker recovery, a physical therapy program can get you on the right track to healing.

Benefits of a physical therapy program

  • Treatment plans are designed around individual patients
  • Patients have an active involvement in recovery
  • Seeing a physical therapist early can speed up the rehab process
  • Reduce the risk of additional injury
  • Reduce the need for surgery and other medications
  • Patients learn better training techniques
  • Improve overall strength and balance

Sports Med Utah recently opened a physical therapy clinic within the campus of the D1 Sports, which is an athletic-based training facility that provides athletes of all skill levels with the appropriate training techniques and therapy, in Midvale, Utah. The specialists with Sports Med Utah blend high-quality care and therapy with long-term strength training and conditioning to get patients back into the sport of their choice.

What is involved in a D1 training session?

  • Dynamic warm-up/core activation
  • Speed and agility training
  • Strength training
  • Core and conditioning
  • Proper cool down

Sports Med Utah is offering FREE sports evaluations at all clinic locations.

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