Getting Young People to be Engaged in their Community

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Dawn Ramsey wants to get youth more involved in their communities.

Research suggests that kids who become involved in the community develop greater self-esteem and will continue to be involved as they become adults.

Here are some of Dawn's meaningful ways for young people to learn about and contribute to community initiatives:

Teach Them About Local Government

-Take them to attend a local School Board or City Council Meeting

-Attend a local PTA or School Community Council Meeting, and have middle and high school aged kids join their school PTSA

-Have them attend a Meet the Candidates Night

-Invite local elected officials to speak to your scouts, youth group, or school class

-After learning about candidates and ballot initiatives, give them a chance to vote and discuss the importance of exercising our right to vote

Give them the Opportunity to Serve

-Have them volunteer at the local Senior Center- play games, sing songs, or read with patrons

-Contact your local animal shelter to ask for service opportunities

-Have them do a collection drive for a local charity or family in need

-Visit your local water conservancy district to learn about ways to conserve water and help the environment

Get out and get involved!

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