Teen calls out yearbook photo double standard

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VERONA, Wis. - A high school senior said she never imagined a photo her father took of her would be rejected from the school yearbook.

The Wisconsin teen, Eleanor Fitzwilliams, is now sparking a dress code debate online.

She tweeted her photo that was rejected and another photo that was printed in the yearbook, a photo she says is far more revealing; it features the boy's swim team.

Fitzwilliams submitted this senior photo to be included in the school yearbook, Fox News reported.

But school faculty rejected it, taking issue with a piece of clothing exposed on the side of her tank top.

She was told the photo was inappropriate and violated dress code rules.

In response, she tweeted her picture and compared it alongside a picture of the boy's swim team posing in Speedos.

Fitzwilliams calls it a double standard and says this dress code, and many others, are damaging to young women.

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