3 Questions with Bob Evans: John Curtis on Utah politics, medical marijuana

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SALT LAKE CITY -- He has been the mayor of Provo for the past seven years, and over that time he has enjoyed an average 94 percent approval rating.

But even before Jason Chaffetz announced he was leaving Congress, John Curtis had determined he would not seek re-election to the mayor's office.

And once Curtis determined he would seek the Third District congressional seat, he avoided the Republican caucus and convention system and won a spot on the primary ballot by collecting signatures.

Curtis beat his primary opponents and will now face Doctor Kathie Allen, a Democrat, in November. He recently sat down for 3 Questions with Bob Evans:

  1. Is the Republican Party"old guard" in Utah in touch with the majority of Republicans in this state?
  2. Where do you stand on the issue of medical marijuana?
  3. If you are elected to Congress, what will be your priorities?

See the video below for the extended interview with John Curtis:

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