Things Highly Successful People do differently

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Therapist Jessie Shepherd talks about things highly successful people do differently.

Things Highly Successful People do differently

Self Care:

-Sleep routine

-Healthy meals

-Take mental health days

-Do you activities/hobbies

-Family time

Keep a Morning Routine:

-Gear up for the Day

-Focus in on goals

Say 'No' :

-If you're not excited about it, don`t do it; it will seem like work & it won't be your best work

'Touch it Once' Principle:

-Take the time to deal with it then

Be Mindful:

-Focus on one task at a time

-Know what you need/how you feel

-Know how you will procrastinate

Write it down:

-Handwrite ideas throughout the day

-End your day with a 5 minutes reflection journal entry each day

(Good for goal setting, confidence, understanding of both positive aspects and negative aspects, clear end of the day.)

Good Preparation:

-Most important element of luck is preparation

-Theme days of the week to specific tasks

-Block out specific time to do specific things (No to do lists)

-Delegate tasks

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