Weber State University students speak out about racist themed posters found on campus

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OGDEN – Students at Weber State University are speaking out about the disturbing white-supremacist posters found on campus on August 28.

The incident has instilled a lot of fear among some students, who feel like they’ve been targeted. On Thursday, the school’s Diversity and Inclusive Program organized a forum for students, faculty and community members to talk openly about the incident.

“We just kinda wanted to get a temperature check, climate check, of how students were feeling here on campus,” said Andrea Hernandez of WSU’s Diversity and Inclusive Program.

“It really struck me, so, if I’m feeling this way, how do other people feel?” asked Patricia Benally with WSU’s American Indian Student Center.

Jody Perkins is a Weber State alumni. He was getting his son settled into his freshman dorm when they saw the posters.

“My son took a picture of it," Perkins said. "We were just devastated.”

Perkins says he’s never experienced racism at Weber State. He hopes his son will always feel welcome.

“These are just one of those things that’s trying to derail him and his education," Perkins said.

Organizers encouraged students to speak up if they feel threatened. There are plenty of people who are willing to help.

“Whether it’s providing each other resources off and on campus, with housing, how we can support each other in various ways,” Hernandez said.

Benally says the forum gave her hope.

“It’s so empowering to have other staff members and people to really speak up and really want to make sure we’re all comfortable," Benally said. "We’re all safe here.”

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