Richard Paul Evans speaks on “Michael Vey 7: The Final Spark”

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New York Times Best Selling Author Richard Paul Evans tells us about his latest book "Michael Vey 7: The Final Spark".

The final book in the Michael Vey series opens with the Electroclan facing a devastating loss: Michael is missing. He made the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends and now he`s gone. What is next for them and the revolution?

The battle on the island of Hades ended with a devastating explosion that left the island a smoking ruin and much of Hatch`s army dead. However, Hatch survived and while his plans have certainly suffered a setback, he`s more determined than ever to bring the world`s governments under his control. But first, he wants to wipe out the Resistance and capture the remaining members of the Electroclan.

As Hatch`s forces storm into action, it seems nothing can stand in their way. The Electroclan is divided. The voice is captured, and Michael`s mother is being used as bait to lure the leader of the Resistance out of hiding. Can anything or anyone stop the Elgen? Or is this the end?

Michael Vey 7 Book Launch
September 8, 2017
7 p.m.
Murray, Utah
Cottonwood High School