Residents complain of awful stench in St. George

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Little Valley - St. George, Utah

Little Valley - St. George, Utah. Photo by Mori Kessler, St. George News

ST. GEORGE, Utah – “Rank.” “Putrid.” “Horrendous.”

Those are just some of the adjectives residents of Little Valley are choosing to describe the odor in their growing St. George neighborhood.

“It smells like dirty garbage cans, like a dump. You really can’t describe it,” Tony Chambers told the St. George News on Wednesday.

The source of the stench has been traced to the Dean Foods ice cream plant in a nearby industrial park – specifically, the plant’s waste water treatment process.

“We are aware of (the smell) and are working on it,” said Reece Smith, Dean Foods corporate communications director. “This is a priority for us.”

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