Man says casino kicked him out for pooping his pants

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CINCINNATI, Ohio - It's fair to say this guy, who asked not to be named, had a pretty crappy day when he visited an Ohio casino early Wednesday morning.

He says the casino kicked him out, accusing him of pooping his pants, Fox 19 reported.

He says, while playing poker, the casino had a $1,000 giveaway, which he won... twice.

The man was waiting to enter the contest a third time and went to use the restroom.

A casino spokesperson told Fox 19  said three customers saw him throwing out his underwear and complained that he smelled.

The man said he was only in there a minute and security confronted him when he came out.

He said they asked if he had an accident in the bathroom.

Fox 19 said the casino alleges the man discarded his underwear and soiling them and threatened him with physical evidence.

"At this point, I'm picturing a brown football-shape on my pants' butt-crack," he told Fox 19.

However, the man showed photos of his pants as proof and said the casino asked him to leave because it didn't want him to win any more money.

Read more from Fox 19 here.

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