Two men injured in semi rollover on on-ramp to Bangerter Highway

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SALT LAKE CITY – Two men were injured Tuesday afternoon when the semi truck they were in rolled over.

Semi rollover on Bangerter on-ramp

Trooper Roger Griffiths, with the Utah Highway Patrol, said the semi attempted to go from westbound I-80 to southbound on Bangerter Highway about 1:30 p.m.

“When he come into the bend his speed was too fast for the conditions of being a semi pulling a trailer,” Griffiths said.  “He had 43,000 pounds of tobacco products on.”

Both men in the truck were injured and taken to hospitals, but are expected to be okay.  One was driving and the other was in the truck’s sleeper compartment.

The one in the back must’ve had a rude awakening.

The on-ramp is “pretty sharp,” Griffiths said.  “It’s got signage, a 35-mile-per-hour bend, we get some that do come in here too hot, and this is the results of coming in too fast.”

A hazmat crew cleaned up a small amount of oil that had spilled.