Bull moose relocated after visiting Utah State Hospital

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PROVO, Utah - A bull moose visited the Utah State Hospital in Provo Monday.

Officials with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources said the moose basked in the sun and took a nap under some pine trees.

That's when DWR officials tranquilized the moose and loaded it into a special trailer with misters to cool the animal during the ride to its new home in a remote mountain area.

The Utah DWR said on Facebook:

Earlier [Monday], this bull moose wandered down from the Provo foothills to visit the grounds of the Utah State Hospital. After basking in the sun for a while, he settled under the pine trees for a nap. We tranquilized him and loaded him into a specialized trailer that uses a water mister to keep animals cool during transport. We took him to a remote area in the mountains, where he headed off to explore his new home!