The 5 reasons visiting Australia should be at the top of your bucket list

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Kim Christenson from shared her love for Australia with us. After living down under for a few years and making visits back to the country since then these are her top 5 reasons for putting Australia on your list.

1. The beaches. Unbeatable. The sand is perfect and there are so many quiet, pristine beaches to visit.
2. The people. are unlike any others on earth. They're friendly, laid-back, honest, and have the best accents and lingo.
3. The food. Fresher, healthier. Even the candy! Artificial food dyes or high fructose corn syrup aren't allowed there. Plus, they have morning and afternoon tea in addition to the usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
4. The weather. Especially in Queensland, where I used to live. Queenslanders are so spoiled, they complain about their two weeks of "winter," which require a light jacket.
5. The animals. It doesn't get much better than koalas and kangaroos.


Find Kim at or on Instagram: @talkwordytome_

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