Tobacco store owner, good Samaritans chase down suspect in Millcreek robbery

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MILLCREEK, Utah -- Unified police officers arrested a man they said robbed a store in Millcreek and then was chased by the clerk until some good Samaritans helped tackle him to the ground.

Police said 57-year-old Glade James entered the Tobacco Store on 3900 South and 300 East at 11:00 a.m. on Monday. The clerk Lisa Gerth was ringing up another customer when police said James entered.

Glade B. James

Gerth said she watched him unlatch a hook that kept a medicine rack in the middle of the store’s counter area in line.

Gerth said she went over to stop James from moving the rack forward to attempt to get past it.

“I step over here and I go what are you doing?” described Gerth.  “You’re not supposed to do this. And he doesn't say anything. He doesn't say a word. He is pushing my way, I am pushing his way. We are doing a tug-a-war.”

Finally, she said he forces the rack on top of her and that forces her body into the shelve-wall behind her. Then the surveillance video captured his face and captured him reaching for two cartons of cigarettes then runs out the door.

Gerth and her dad chase after him outside.

“I waved and stopped people to help me catch him,” said Gerth.

Gerth said he took off and grabbed a backpack in some bushes.  When she finally caught up to him a coup[le Good Samaritans had tackedl him to the ground and held him down until police arrived.

“I'm glad I did go after him,” said Gerth.  “What if I didn't and then he'd still be out there doing to other clerks?”

Unified police advise to never chase down a criminal, reminding people there is the possibility you are threatened with a weapon or get hurt or someone else gets hurt.

James will face three charges including felony robbery.

Glade B. James

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