3 Questions with Bob Evans: Donny Osmond on balancing stardom and family life

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SALT LAKE CITY --They originally signed on for a six-week engagement at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, now almost 10 years later The Donny and Marie show continues to pack 'em in.

But coming up this Tuesday and Wednesday, that show will be playing at the Sandy Amphitheater to hometown crowds. Donny Osmond sat down with Bob Evans ahead of those shows to answer 3 Questions.

  1. Why do you still work as hard as you do?
  2. You go to great lengths to connect with fans, what drives those efforts?
  3.  How difficult is it to balance your professional life and your family life?

See the video below for the complete interview with Donny Osmond, and click here for details and ticketing information for the shows in Sandy.