Secretary Price visits Utah on tour supporting an Affordable Care Act replacement

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SANDY, Utah - Secretary Tom Price visited Sandy in a tour supporting a replacement for the Affordable Care Act  Monday.

The "barn-storming" tour was an effort to drum up support for the GOP senators' replacement health care bill.

Price met with several Utah small business owners who say they are victims of Obamacare.

Sec. Price did not take any questions from the media at the event.

He and the group also prevented "outsiders," like Psarah Johnson, from attending.

Johnson was born with a pre-existing condition and told Fox 13 she just wanted her voice to be heard.

"This is affecting a lot of people in more ways than you are even aware of," Johnson said. "This idea that you can be kicked off insurance for being sick is despicable."

According to Price, however, the Better Care Reconciliation Act will help ensure that no one falls through the cracks.

He said it will give states the flexibility to tailor health care coverage designed to meet the needs of their citizens.

Price did not address recent opposition from Republican Senators at the meeting.


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