Utah recycling business loses $25K in trailer theft

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SPRINGVILLE, Utah — They were trying to make the world a better place but now are the victims of thieves.

A recycling business had $25,000 of equipment stolen. The trailer was locked up but it was left on a job site and taken last Tuesday in Springville.

“They figure, ‘Oh, it’s a company that can afford to buy these tools.’ Well, no, its my family that’s on the line. It’s all my employees’ families that are on the line,” said Daniel Salmon, Material Resourcers Owner.

The stolen trailer is a white, 12-foot utility trailer with company decals on it and license plate number # 168659A. Springville police ask anyone with information that could help them find it to please give them a call.

“This type of crime is a crime of opportunity and so usually it happens if it’s easy to take,” said Detective Cory Waters, with Springville Police.

Springville Police Contact Info: https://www.springville.org/contact/