Veteran salutes drivers on overpass – reminding them ‘freedom is not free’

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MURRAY, Utah -- Army veteran Specialist Edward Flegal positioned himself above a bridge with his American flag on Memorial Day to salute drivers who passed underneath him on I-215 at 4500 South, near Murray.

“I'm here to remember our fallen heroes and hopefully, to inspire our youth to more fully recognize our nation,” said veteran Flegal.

Flegal stood outside all day on Monday in honor of his brothers who sacrificed it all for the United States.

“I'm proud of my country. I'm proud of the people I served with. I lost a lot of friends during Vietnam and I want to honor them as well," said Flegal.

Some drivers acknowledged Flegal by honking, while others pulled over and asked to shake his hand or just hugged him.

"I just want to say thank you for your service,” said driver Doug Harmon.

“Thank you,” said Flegal. “ Appreciate it.”

“I drove by and I was like ‘oh my gosh!” said another driver to Flegal, as she wrapped her arms around him. “Thank you!”

“Thank you for your support!” replied Flegal.

Needless to say, Flegal made a few new friends on Memorial Day.

Flegal said he only wants people to remember why they are celebrating this special day, and to never forget who gave their lives for this country.

“Remember we have to pay the price to maintain our freedom… freedom is not free,” said Flegal.

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