Summer Bucket List

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Therapist Jessie Shepherd shares her genius ideas to keep kids busy this summer. You can get more information here. 

Summer Bucket List Challenge
-Try to create a summer schedule.
- We still want to keep structure during summer so that kids know what is expected of them and it will be easier to move back into the school schedule in fall.
-Set up a time for working on school skills.
- `Summer Learning Loss` On average the first 6 weeks of Fall school is spent re-learning what was taught the year before. 2-3 hours a week of school skills (reading, math, spelling) will prevent summer learning loss. (Oxford, 2013)
-Create your Summer Bucket List.
- This keeps things interesting and your kids brains active. We want to avoid hours of video games or electronics.
-Have an Emergency `I`m Bored` basket.
- It is always nice to have something on hand when our kids have exhausted all other activities.

-Enjoy your summer!

Items for your Emergency `I`m Bored` basket:
-Wood Cutouts
-Acrylic Paints
-Paint Brushes
-Coloring Books
-Temporary Tattoos