Colorado sanctuary euthanizes all animals after denied relocation

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AGATE, Co. – A wildlife sanctuary in Colorado euthanized all of its animals, a total of 11 animals including lions, tigers and bears.

The Lion’s Gate Sanctuary in Agate said killing the animals was the only option after county commissioners denied its request to relocate away from flooding.

One of the sanctuary owners told KCNC she is devastated about the loss of the animals that lived here at the sanctuary.

She said recent flooding is why they wanted to move the sanctuary and when commissioners denied the approval, she says 11 animals paid the price.

The sanctuary requested to relocate to land it owned in another spot in Elbert County.

Commissioner Danny Wilcox says it was denied because of numerous safety concerns regarding the move; the sanctuary would be going from a remote area to a more densely populated place.

Dr. Joan Laub, one of the sanctuary owners, says they thought about relocating the animals but says they would not have survived a move to a new facility because they were all seniors, some with disabilities.

“We had a safety problem with a permanent solution for the animals,” she says. “Multiple governing bodies signed off on the relocation. They based their decision on the law and three county commissioners denied the permit based upon emotions and their self-serving agendas.”

County Commissioner Danny Wilcox says he did not know the outcome would be euthanizing the animals.

He says he was under the impression without the approval for the sanctuary to move, they would continue to operate as is because of the ages of the animals.

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