March in Salt Lake City calls for legalizing medical marijuana in Utah

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SALT LAKE CITY -- More than a thousand people were expected to march from City Creek Park to the Utah State Capitol Friday, but bad weather kept many with medical issues from attending.

But those who did participate made their voices and messages heard as they advocated for bringing medical marijuana to Utah.

Gabby Saunders and Aubrey Taylor with Utah Residents for Medical Marijuana want to put a medical marijuana bill on the 2018 ballot for voters to decide if medical cannabis should be legal in Utah.

Recently, the Utah State Legislature passed a bill to conduct research on medical marijuana, but protestors argue that’s still not enough.

They point to the fact that 28 other states have legalized marijuana for medical use, and they said they hope they can influence people here in Utah by bringing forward the people it can help.

“It’s not like these are criminals," Saunders said. "It’s not like these are people breaking into convenience stores and causing a lot of havoc. These are people that when you go to church, they’re sitting next to you in the pews, or they go to school with you, or they are your next door neighbor. So today is just really to stand up for those people so they don’t have to be criminals.”

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