Prized trophy fish stocked in Pineview Reservoir

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PINEVIEW RESERVOIR, Utah -- The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources just stocked Pineview Reservoir with 12,500 tiny fish who could grow to be as big as a elementary school student in a few years.

The tiger muskie started as a way to control overpopulation of panfish in Pineview, a scenic reservoir in Northern Utah's Ogden Valley, but now the fish are a big draw as trophies for ambitious anglers.

"These tiger muskie are one of the reasons why Pineview Reservoir is what we consider a blue ribbon fishery. They draw a lot of anglers to the water here, and they add a lot of money to the local economy," said Chris Penne, an aquatic biologist for the DWR.

The tiger muskie are 2-inch "fingerlings" when stocked, but they should grow to about a foot in one year. As they mature, some will become longer than 50 inches and will weigh between 20 and 30 pounds.

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