Hogle Zoo welcomes new baby Zebra

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The doors opened and the 104-pound baby bounded into public view...only to see some very strange creatures and abruptly take a 90-degree leap to the side.

The strange creatures: dozens of humans and a giraffe.

The Hogle Zoo introduced it's newest addition to the public on a chilly Monday morning. She's a two week old Hartmann's Mountain Zebra.

"She's gaining weight. She's nursing. She's active. She's quite a handful," said hoofstock zookeeper Jill Vanmilligen.

Hartmann's Mountain Zebras are a threatened subspecies native to the mountains of Namibia and Angola. The Hogle Zoo is participating in an international captive breeding program.

They have not named the baby yet, but say they won't give her a name starting with 'z.' They already have Zoey, Ziggy, and Zeva and say they're having trouble keeping track.

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