Big Budah’s blog: Back to the gym and celebrating April Fools’ Day

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The week started off great because I was able to get back to Vasa with Sione Havili (so I thought). Monday through Wednesday I felt some soreness that turned into some pain, so I laid off the weights and finished the week out with just cardio on the elliptical and treadmill.

I am not injured, just being cautious and slowing down my return to weightlifting. But at least I’m still burning calories!

I have great co-workers, as I have mentioned in previous posts, that make work fun and pleasant. For me, the total package of a great job is the people you come in contact with because of your job. For me this week it was Jamie and Katy with the Utah Restaurant Association and our segment “Let’s Lunch”, making work a blast.

The home life highlight for me this week was the opportunity to feed the LDS Sister Missionaries. Not to show off, but to help me reconnect with my grandparents and my parents, every time that we can my family hosts missionaries, because that’s what they did every chance they got.

So for me it is like carrying on a family tradition that I know many people do as well. Shout out to Sisters Quincinones & Asiata!

Happy April Fools’ Day, and do something crazy that’s not permanent like a mustache or piercings. See you next week!

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